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Jan. 22, 2015 (Hallowell)

Meeting notes and agenda from the Jan. 22nd meeting, featuring the USGS team which demonstrated the use of SHEDS as a web database and modeler.

Meeting Agenda

1/22/15, Hallowell DMR Office.

Publication Date: 2015

Modification Date: Tue Feb 3 15:17:49 2015

Contributors: sdoose, jwright

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Meeting Notes

Notes as scribed by Jed during the 1/22/15 meeting.

Modification Date: Tue Feb 3 15:29:41 2015

Contributors: jwright

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Stream Temperature Modeling and SHEDS

Presentation by Ben Letcher, Jeff Walker, Dan Hocking and Chris Jennison on their stream temperature modeling project as well as an overview of SHEDS (Spatial Hydro-Ecological Decision Support).

Publication Date: 2015

Modification Date: Wed Feb 11 15:53:07 2015

Contributors: Ben Letcher , Jeff Walker , Dan Hocking , Chris Jennison

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